ActiveX Controls - ToggleButton

The following code provides you with two choices.

  1. Switching to Full Screen mode. This is equivalent to the ribbon sequence View > Workbook Views > Full Screen in Excel 2010, or Ribbon Display Options > Auto-hide Ribbon in Excel 2013, and
  2. Enabling a minimal view, referred to as Clear Screen mode in this module.

The animated toggle view workbook is demonstrated in figure 1.

Fig 1: xlf Animation WS screen toggle

Required components

''  REQUIRED: WS controls (ActiveX)
''  1.  Toggle Button
''      Name: tglFullScreen
''      Caption: "Full Screen"
''	2.  Toggle Button
''      Name: tglClearScreen
''      Caption: "Clear Screen"	

1. Toggle Full Screen

Code 1: tglFullScreen ToggleButton Click Event
Private Sub tglFullScreen_Click()
    If tglFullScreen Then
        Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
        tglFullScreen.Caption = "Normal"
        tglClearScreen.Enabled = False
        Application.DisplayFullScreen = False
        tglFullScreen.Caption = "Full Screen"
        tglClearScreen.Enabled = True
    End If
End Sub					

2. Toggle Clear Screen

Code 2a: tglClearScreen ToggleButton Click Event
Private Sub tglClearScreen_Click()
    If tglClearScreen Then
        tglClearScreen.Caption = "Normal"
        tglFullScreen.Enabled = False
        Call ClearScreenOn
        tglClearScreen.Caption = "Clear Screen"
        tglFullScreen.Enabled = True
        Call ClearScreenOff
    End If
End Sub			

Code 2b: tglClearScreen sub procedure
Private Sub ClearScreenOn()
    With Application
        .Caption = "xlf :: Spreadsheet Modeling"
        .DisplayFormulaBar = False
        .DisplayStatusBar = False
        .ExecuteExcel4Macro "show.toolbar(""Ribbon"",False)"
    End With
    With ActiveWindow
        .Caption = ""
        .DisplayGridlines = False
        .DisplayHeadings = False
        .DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = False
        .DisplayVerticalScrollBar = False
        .DisplayWorkbookTabs = False
    End With
End Sub

Code 2c: tglClearScreenOff sub procedure
Private Sub ClearScreenOff()

    With Application
        .Caption = "Microsoft Excel"
        .DisplayFormulaBar = True
        .DisplayStatusBar = True
        .ExecuteExcel4Macro "show.toolbar(""Ribbon"",True)"
    End With
    With ActiveWindow
        .Caption = ActiveWorkbook.Name
        .DisplayGridlines = True
        .DisplayHeadings = True
        .DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = True
        .DisplayVerticalScrollBar = True
        .DisplayWorkbookTabs = True
    End With
End Sub