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Excel at Finance is provided by Dr Ian O'Connor, PhD, CPA.

Ian O'Connor has extensive experience in the field of PC based financial modelling, beginning in the mid 1980s with Lotus 1-2-3 on the IBM PC. After two decades in the banking sector, including credit assessment and prudential reporting, he moved to teaching and research in a tertiary institution. His main professional interests are education and learning in financial modelling, quantitative finance, banking, and risk management.


The excelatfinance.com site was first published in 2011, as a set of resource materials for tertiary students. It has continued to grow since that time; there is no advertising, and the site is privately funded.

Ian O'Connor, CPA

Positions held (in the banking sector - Victoria):

Recent times (tertiary education)

Projects include, advanced Excel and VBA development for research undertaken in a Ph D program. Current focus - advanced financial spreadsheeting with Excel, development of VBA based applications, and quantitative finance models plus, Python, and R components. Areas of interest include: Financial Spreadsheeting, Risk Modelling, and Treasury.

Application development for financial modelling, computational finance, quantitative finance, and numerical techniques in finance - using:

Academic and Professional


Professional Associations



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Brown R.L, Schwann G, O'Connor I, and C Scott, (2011), 'The Other Side of Housing Affordability: The User Cost of Housing in Australia', Economic Record, Vol.87, pp.558-574.

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Research Articles

O'Connor I, (2003), 'The Empirical Distribution of Time to Maturity Volatility: with Application to Option Pricing and Trading' University of Melbourne, Unpublished Manuscript, Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Finance. [Supervisors: Associate Professor Kim Sawyer - University of Melbourne, and Professor Bruce Grundy - University of Melbourne].

O'Connor I, (2000), 'Generated Volatility Cones' University of Melbourne, Centre of Financial Studies, Working paper, 41 pages.

O'Connor I, (2000), 'Volatility Cones in SPI futures' University of Melbourne, Centre of Financial Studies, Working paper, 32 pages.

O'Connor, and P Pope, (1998), 'Measuring the Degree of Efficiency of International Stock Markets', Eastern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, Virginia.

O'Connor I, (1994), 'Volatility in Futures Options: Empirical Evidence form the All Ordinaries Index' Asia Pacific Finance Association, First Annual Conference, Readings: Derivative Security Issues, Vol. 1, pp.390-426.

O'Connor I, (1992), 'An Empirical Investigation of Volatility in Futures Options on the All Ordinaries Index' RMIT, Unpublished Manuscript, Master of Business in Accounting (Finance Specialisation).

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