Financial Spreadsheeting and Excel for Windows

0. Background

Financial Spreadsheeting is taught and assessed with Microsoft Excel on the Windows PC platform.

The FNCE90045 subject description states:

Additional delivery details

Each student is to provide their own laptop or notebook computer, with Windows 10 and MS Excel, (Office 365 version) at every class. Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 is provided for current students, see details at:

Recommendation 1: Office 365 with Windows 10 operating system (OS)

1. Student software

UniMelb student software for personal devices is detailed in figure 1. Remember that Office 365 for Windows OS is the recommended application for 90045.

1.1 Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription plan application.

office 365 windows 10
Fig 1: Software for UniMelb students - Microsoft Office 365

You can download Office by following the link.

The UniMelb venue for 90045 has 10 tables, each with 2 Windows PC. In semester 2, 2019 the Excel application was Office 2016 (CD version). These PCs are available for use on a first in, first served basis.


1.2 Students with Mac devices

Mac device users have two options. Install Windows OS then Office 365, or retain the Mac OS and use Office 365 Mac.

1.2.1 Install Windows OS on your Mac device

- using Boot Camp Assistant

  1. Use Mac Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows OS on your Mac. This configuration allows you to choose Mac or Windows at boot time
  2. Windows 10 download is available at link. See figure 1.
  3. Install Office 365 for Windows in your Windows partition

- using Parallels Desktop

  1. Download and install Parallels on your Mac then install Windows OS. Parallels allow you to switch between operating systems without having to reboot (figure 2)
  2. Install Office 365 for Windows in your Windows partition

Fig 2: Software for UniMelb students - Windows 10, and Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac

Recommendation 2: Install Windows 10 OS on your Mac device, then install Office 365 for Windows. Use Boot Camp Assistant or Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac.

1.2.2 Use macOS and Office (Excel) 365 Mac

Recommendation 3: Use macOS with Office 365 for Mac

2. Device hardware