Fix Excel's Ctrl+Shift+0 keyboard shortcut

If your WS Ctrl+Shift+0 (unhide selection columns) keyboard shortcut won't work, then follow these steps to fix the problem.

  1. Click the Windows 10 Start button
  2. Click the Settings item on the Start Menu, then the Time & language item TandL on the Window Settings page
  3. Click Region & Language
    ( image item 31 on the left),
    then Advanced keyboard settings
    ( image item 32 on the right)
  4. On the Advanced keyboard setting page Click Language bar options
    ( image item 41 on the left),
  5. This will display the Text Services and Input Languages page. Click the Advanced Key Settings tab (51), then in the Action panel, select Between input languages (52), then Click Change Key Sequence (53)
    Image 5: Advanced Key Settings tab - Text Services and Input Language dialog box. Select the Between input languages item from the Action column
  6. On the Change Key Sequence dialog box, select Not Assigned (61) under the Switch Keyboard Layout group. Then Click OK (62)
    Image 6: Change Key Sequence dialog box - showing the Switch Keyboard Layout group. Select the Not Assigned item (61)
  7. See figure 1 for animated demonstration of hide/unhide selection rows, and hide/unhide selection columns.

Fig 1: xlf Animation - 1. Ctrl+9 hide, selection rows; 2. Ctrl+Shft+9, unhide selection rows; 3. Ctrl+0, hide selection columns; and 4.Ctrl+Shft+0, unhide selection columns