Write a worksheet array to named array constant

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0. Preliminary

array to arr const
Fig 1: Numeric array to named array constant - the InArray range (see the Name Box) is assigned to the ArrCon defined name

1. The VBA code

Code 1: Macro xlArr2ArrC write the Excel range inArray to a named constant ArrCon
Sub xlArr2ArrC()
' Write an Excel numeric array - named inArray
' to a named array constant - with name ArrCon
' Details in Name Manager, Name: ArrCon; RefersTo: ={...}

Dim NoRows As Integer, NoCols As Integer
Dim ArrCon As String                ' Array constant
Dim Sep As String                   ' Element separator & row terminator
Dim i As Integer, j As Integer      ' Loop counters
Dim InArr As Range

        Set InArr = [inArray]           ' a Range in Excel
        ArrCon = "={"                   ' Initialize the array string
        NoRows = InArr.Rows.Count
        NoCols = InArr.Columns.Count

        For i = 1 To NoRows
                For j = 1 To NoCols
                        If j < NoCols Then
                                Sep = ","
                        ElseIf i < NoRows Then
                                Sep = ";"
                                Sep = ""
                        End If
                ArrCon = ArrCon & InArr(i, j) & Sep
                Next j
        Next i

        ArrCon = ArrCon & "}"                     ' Terminate the array string

        Names.Add Name:="ArrCon", _
                            RefersTo:=ArrCon      ' Any existing name is overwritten

End Sub

About Code 1

  1. Lines 13, 26 and 30: Initialize, build, and terminate the name string. ArrCon has value "={1,11;2,12;3,13;4,14}"
  2. Line 32: Use the Name object Add method to write the name. Example uses named parameters