Project submission check list

Spreadsheet based projects need to look professional, be well presented and look organised. This is especially important when distributed to an important client or management team. If the recipient opens the workbook to see some selection on a rough workarea, it will not create a favorable first impression. With a bit of thought, care and attention, the workbook presentation can be an important tool to success in the business proposal or presentation. Depending on the circumstances, a newly distributed workbook should normally open to a welcome page, including introduction, executive summary, and a linked table of contents.

Here is a short check list of points that business students and spreadsheet practitioners should consider before submitting or distributing a professional business workbook.


Some points about worksheet collections and individual worksheets.


These points also encompass worksheet and VBA module checks.

VBA code

Code modules are a special case. Some of the following points apply when a team is working on the workbook.

Prepared by; Ian O'Connor