Region settings

Windows region

Sessions are conducted with windows Region settings designated as Australia. Standardization ensures consistency with date and currency specifications across all Windows platforms. The Windows settings are the foundation for these items in Excel.

Region (and Language)

To verify or change your Windows Region settings in Windows 10:

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Click the Settings item on the Start Menu, then the Time & language item
  3. On the Date & time tab, select Additional date, time and regional settings in the Related settings section at the bottom
  4. Then, on the Clock, Language and Region tab, select Region > Change date, time, or number formats
  1. This will display the Region dialog box similar to that displayed in figure 1, but without the Keyboard and Languages tab
  2. On the Formats tab, set Format: to English (Australia)
  3. Leave the other settings unchanged as the default values
  5. xlf-region-and-language-formats
    Fig 1. Region and Language dialog box - with the Formats tab active, set Format selector to English (Australia).
  1. That's all you need to do to view or change the Region settings

  2. The next section looks at customization using the Additional settings... button shown in figure 1. The features of selected items are discussed in the next section.

  3. Clicking Additional settings... displays the Customize Format dialog box shown in figure 2

Customize Format

The Regional Settings and Format option applies to Windows environment, and many of these properties can be customized and different formats applied directly within the Excel application.

The 2029 rule

Fig 6: Excel Web App #1: an experiment with two-digit year values and different settings for the 2029 value"