the Name Box


Things you can do with the Excel Name Box.

  1. Show the address of the Active Cell, or the Name of the Active Cell if the Name is one cell only
  2. Create a New range name
  3. Functions list – type an equals sign to begin a formula, and the Name Box displays a list of recent functions – figure 1. This is the same list as the Insert function Most Recently Used list – figure 2. Click the function name to insert in the formula
  4. xlf-name-box-function-list
    Fig 1: Recently used functions list – Name Box
  5. xlf-insert-function-recent-list
    Fig 2: Recently used functions list – Insert Function
  6. GoTo (select) reference navigation tool:
    • Select a single cell. Type GO2 to select the cell
    • Select a contiguous range. Type D23:D70
    • Select a non contiguous range. Type D23:D70,D23:P23
    • Select an intersection range. Type Region Dec
    • Select a column. Type D:D
    • Select multiple rows. Type 6:10
    • Select the entire row of the Active Cell. Type R
    • Select the entire column of the Active Cell. Type C
    • Select on Object on the drawing layer of the Active Sheet. Type Picture 26
    • Go to a procedure in the Visual Basic Editor. Type GetCF
  7. Determine the dimension of a selection (whilst the left mouse button is held) – row and column – figure 3. When the size of the selection fills the screen, the dimension window moves to the bottom-right corner of the selection
  8. xlf-name-box-selection-dimension
    Fig 3: Selection dimension – Name Box shows 5R x 5C (5 rows by 5 columns)

  • This example was developed in Excel 2013 Pro 64 bit.
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