Excel errors

Excel cell errors 1 to 7

Examples shown in figure 1, listed in order of Excel’s ERROR.TYPE function return value:

  1. #NULL!
  2. #DIV/0!
  3. #VALUE!
  4. #REF!
  5. #NAME?
  6. #NUM!
  7. #N/A
Fig 1: Excel Web App #1: Excel error examples – with formulas shown by the FORMULATEXT function

Excel cell errors #8

  1. #GETTING_DATA. This is a transitory error, returned as code 8 by the ERROR.TYPE function. The error is raised when the workbook contains a large and complicated formula structure and the calculation has not yet completed. It only appears during the calculation phase

Excel ERROR.TYPE function

Fig 2: ERROR.TYPE syntax – returns a number corresponding to one of the error values in Excel. For example, a #NULL! returns 1 (see row 7 in figure 1)

  • This example was developed in Excel 2013 Pro 64 bit.
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