Paste list of defined names

Paste list

To paste a list of defined names to a location in the current workbook, do the following:

  1. Select the cell for the paste target, such as cell B5 in the example in figure 1
  2. On the ribbon use the sequence Formulas > Defined Names > Use in Formula > Paste Names (the last item), or simply press the F3 short cut
  3. In the Paste Names dialog box, click the Paste List item. The list is now the selection
  4. To resize the selection column width, press Home > Cells > Format > AutoFit Column Width
Fig 1: Defined names from the Paste List process – with the defined Name Manager dialog activated


The Paste List result includes all defined names with workbook scope, and name constants as shown by in figure 1. On the other hand, the worksheet scope item is not included in the Paste List items.

Note: Defined names are sometimes called “range names” in the language of Lotus 1-2-3.

  • Download a copy of the file shown in figure 1 fss20xx_1_ass1 [36KB]. No content, only defined names.
  • This example was developed in Excel 2013 Pro 64 bit.
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